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Cyanotype Lampshades
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Tuesday 16 July 2013

From Source to Sea at Hatherleigh

From Source to Sea – Create a giant communal painting

Facilitated by Devon Artists Network

Cost – Free
Venue – Old Schools
Age Group – Family
Time – All Day Saturday
Join Naomi Hart to help create a giant communal painting based on the Lew and Torridge Rivers, from source to sea, highlighting their ecology and wildlife.
This can include settlements, towns, water, rocks, the river banks, plants, fish, animals found by the water (represented as animals or by their tracks in the mud), roundhouses, stone rows, cairns, burial mounds and rituals and the finished painting will represent a cultural and ecological ‘map’ of the rivers and their surroundings.
The workshop can be loosely structured with people ‘dropping-in’ to paint a small section.  As the canvas will be large, around 5metres long by 1.5m wide, several people can work on it all at the same time – up to 20 at a time.
As the painting skills needed are basic, all ages can join in and either work on one bit together or separate parts of the river.  There will be visual material available for people to respond to if they don’t know the river well.
The public/participants will learn about mixing paint colours, mark making, teamwork and about different ways to represent things in the real world. They will also learn about the geography, geology, history and ecology of the area and see how people and the river fit into the environment.

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