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Silver Thread Bunting Project

Bridget’s idea for the Silver Thread Bunting Community Project was to create colourful, vibrant Bunting whilst also hoping to give new meaning to recycled materials by Stamping, Stencilling, Printing, Drawing, Painting, Cutting and adding other materials, buttons, embroidery, stitching or whatever takes your fancy. After discovering that 2 million tonnes of Land Fill is actually Textiles every year, Bridget would like to feel that through ‘upcycling’ garments she will prolong the life of them in some way and help raise the issue about how valuing cherished second hand clothes can carry on the memory of others.
The theme ‘Silver Thread’ can be incorporated into the Bunting  in various ways; using silver thread itself, sewing on Silver buttons, embellishing with silver material and stencilling, printing or painting in silver fabric paint - in fact it will be fascinating to see how creative people can be with the theme.  
Bridget will supervise the overall sewing together of the Bunting, but the sewing of pieces onto the tape can also be done by participants. This can all be made part of the learning process; helping to teach children and young people how to sew and could be done by hand or with a hand sewing machine. This is where you can bring together different groups within the Bovey Tracey area to get them working together and also involving other members of the Devon Guild in helping with the project. The project will be a big part of the activities in the Children’s Tent at the Contemporary Craft Fair.
There are members of the W.I., Churches and Bovey Tracey Activities Trust who have years of experience making good use of their old clothes and making new clothes so they might like to help to pass on these skills to the younger community within the Town. The project also fits well with the interests of the Bovey Climate Action Group who are currently actively promoting the reuse of textiles.
The Bunting will be a great way of celebrating the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Devon Guild being at the Riverside Mill in Bovey Tracey, providing a focal point in the Town, brightening up the Building, attracting the local community and tourists into the Building and enlivening the Town during the run up to its Carnival week in the first week of August
I have Just discovered recycling Crisp packets as a great add on for Silver Thread Bunting - Please save all your used packets of Crisps! Thanks !
If you would be interested in hiring Bunting or having a Bunting workshop contact Bridget 
Bridget on  or 01626 833130