Cyanotype Lampshades

Cyanotype Lampshades
Sun Printed Honesty Lampshades

Monday 20 December 2010

Snow !

Well finally the snow arrived properly in fact I can't remember ever having this much snow in Bovey Tracey ! So time to make a snow man whilst Godfrey clears the paths.
 Isn't it pretty whilst it is all pristine and white? !

Monday 13 December 2010

Firing Up !

After the Saturday Club I went on to a meeting about Firing Up,  the initiative by the Crafts Council to get Ceramics back into schools, I am hoping to be involved in this pilot project
We all got to play in the Ceramic Workshop in the college,  very quickly making site specific installations.
Here is mine , I made marks from a drain cover then used the pieces of clay to cover a pipe - my play on words being that a drain cover  is being used to cover  a drain pipe - I think it has potential ! What do you think?

Saturday Club

I started teaching at the Plymouth College of Art Saturday Club. the group I have are  aged 9-11 years and are a lively bunch ! Here are a few examples of their first silk paintings

Thursday 9 December 2010

Dartington Christmas Tree

Here is the Community Christmas Tree as decorated by Devon Guild Members

On it is Bunting made of some of my mothers clothes so her memories of being at  Dartington Hall for Christmas celebrations continue.

Also some new Crisp packet Bunting to add a bit of glitter!

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Christmas Bunting!

This is my first piece of Crisp packet Bunting
Before taking it down to Dartington Hall to get it put up on the 4m Christmas tree

Thanks to the kids at The Saturday Art Club at Plymouth College of Art who ate vast numbers of packets of crisps to make this !

Note it is so cold I still have my warm hat on indoors!

Monday 6 December 2010

Increasing Impact through Technology

I went on a great course this afternoon which was just what I needed about using social Media - such as blogs, Twitter, facebook etc
So now I understand far more about how it works !

The course was run by The NCVO and was a good social networking occasion in reality as I learnt a lot from the other people on the course
Supporting organisations large and small to create successful collaborations:

Helping organisations to achieve more through effective use of ICT:

Thanks very much Louise

Friday 3 December 2010

Micro Kiln

Another freezing cold day and we went off to CTM Pottery suppies for a course on using Micro Kilns - amazing little gadget that means you can fire up to 900 degrees in minutes in a micro wave !
I learnt lots from my mistakes and I do think it is quite a steep learning curve to get it right especially with thermal shock on such a cold day, but I think it will be really interesting  so a medium size Micro kiln is on order for me!