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Cyanotype Lampshades
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Crediton Flag Project

Crediton Arts Centre plans to transform the High Street by decorating it with large, visually stunning flags. These will be made by local people with the help of two artists,Bridget Arnold (  and Charlotte Turner (  who will run the flag-making workshops.
The project is being paid for by Mid Devon District Council through the High Street Innovation Fund, a government grant aimed at regenerating town centres.  It is also being supported by Crediton Town Council.
Every High Street shop will be invited to make its own flag, with the help of the artists, creating a unique design to represent its business. Community groups will also get the opportunity to make their own flags. These will be installed in the Christmas tree holders for the six weeks of the Festival.  They will then be stored and renovated for future events in the town over the next three years.
The project is modelled on the hugely successful Mortonhampstead Flag Festival, now in its third year. The flags will become a regular feature of town events, providing a great advertising opportunity for local businesses and groups.
If you want to take part by designing and/or making a flag to represent your business or group, please contact
2014 workshops are now happening at the Art Centre

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