Cyanotype Lampshades

Cyanotype Lampshades
Sun Printed Honesty Lampshades

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Christmas Tree

Christmas is here and it is time for the Guild Christmas Tree to go up in the courtyard ready for the Christmas event on Saturday 4 December with Carol singers and Mince Pies!

After a recent Devon Guild Members Forum Janet Wingate and myself thought it would be good to brighten up the Christmas Tree with some member made decorations, so we both made some Bunting - of course!

It really does cheer it up

Monday 29 November 2010

Material Actions

We went to the opening of Material actions at CCANW Haldon Forest and I discovered the most amazing idea that can link in with the Silver Thread Bunting.
She has made yarn out of discarded Crisp packets
Recycling Crisp packets
See Alison Harpers Blog

It was very cold at Haldon
but beautiful views from the
Bird of Prey look out

Friday 26 November 2010

Mothers Sewing Machine

I am now using my mothers old sewing machine to make Bunting for Christmas Trees !
It's not quite 100 years old , however it is still fairly ancient, but still going strong

I have got the position of lead artist for the community project to celebrate 25 years of Devon Guild of Craftsmen being in Bovey Tracey  in 2011.
So the organising of meetings and looking at materials starts now!
I don't think this will be the last post on the blog about the project !

Friday 19 November 2010

Singer Sewing Machine

I was kindly given a lovely old Hand Singer sewing machine, it was in need of a bit of TLC but after a service it now seems
to be working fine, just a bit of a learning curve with threading
and winding thread onto the bobbins!
From the unique number on it we have found that it is 100 years old next year so it is great that it is still functioning !

So now I can make Bunting without electricity!

Monday 15 November 2010


A weekend in London which involved the Lord Mayors procession which made everywhere very busy, but there was  great fireworks! we were hoping to see them whilst on the eye but they went off earlier than expected. So just to prove that I went on the eye anyway! Here's me!
 We also did both Tate's, mainly to see the Gauguin exhibition  which was fascinating.
The Sunflower seeds I found very controversial - I could debate that one for hours!

This is a photo of a jump jet in the Tate Britain by Fiona Banner.

Thursday 11 November 2010


I am back to making pods again now as I have run out of the smallest ones again, I have started making even smaller ones now , using an ex 'China in your hands' Champagne glass to cut out the starting point - joining 2 things together !
If you ever need to hire China, Cutlery or glasses this is the place to go!


Had a lovely walk in the sunshine on Sunday from South Milton to Hope Cove, there is a great  little Gallery  in Hope Cove that a few artists I know work in. Well worth a visit !

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Winter is here!

The clocks went back on Saturday night so now it is dark so early that I end up doing smoke firings in the dark ! Well I guess it is a bit like having a bonfire night party, Just without the fireworks!

It must have been a busy week over half term at Devon Guild of Craftsmen as a lot of my pods and candle pods  have sold already after stocking them up recently, so as it is my concentrated making time over the winter I will have to get more done even quicker to replace those sold.
Its good to be busy!

Monday 1 November 2010

Wonderful Painter

This is the work of Rachels youngest Daughter Kate and I think it is relly exceptional for some one so young!

Talented Painters

We went to stay with my oldest childhood friend Rachel and discovered that her 2 daughters are extremely talented painters.
Jessica Leighton
I wish that my photography was better as this doen't really show the wonderful texture that is in this painting.

Children of Colombia is a UK registered charity that aims to help very poor, sick and abandoned children in Colombia, South America.
My friend Rachel is  the chairperson for Children of Colombia
This web site links you to some fabulous photographs taken by Matthew Leighton in Colombia

New Brewery Arts Centre

 We went for a little trip to deliver Pots to the New Brewery Art Centre in Cirencester, a Lovely Arts and Crafts Centre with a great little cafe where we had some Halloween Soup for lunch, and looked around the exhibition of 

'Reality Craft'Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen Biennial Exhibition

Then we had a pleasant time wandering around the centre then looking at the shops in the Town