Cyanotype Lampshades

Cyanotype Lampshades
Sun Printed Honesty Lampshades

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Etsy Shop SunPrintedCards

I do have an Etsy shop that some of my Sun Printed products can be purchased from  it is called SunPrintedCards go and take a look.

I have been updating it and stocking it, plus restocking after some sales - Thank you 
to my customers who are supporting me in these difficult times.
This is an Allium Sun Printed  Sketch book

Wednesday 25 March 2020

No Lamp Shade Workshops

I was so pleased to get this lovely review about a lamp shade workshop I ran just before we were told to stay at home , I am so pleased that I did as gives good memories and it cheered me up so much ! 
 Sun Printed Lamp Shades 

A wonderful, memorable and sunny - Bridget is a lovely, interesting and patient tutor, I enjoyed all the learning and doing, a fab lunch, and came away absolutely delighted and amazed with my lampshades which I've been showing off proudly to friends and family - thanks so much Bridget!

Monday 2 March 2020

Lamp Shade reviews

After running quite a few lamp shade workshops now I thought it would be good to see what participants have said so far !

'A really enjoyable workshop - almost two in one! Fascinating learning about the cyanograph printing process and then making up the lampshade. Thank you!'  

'A lovely workshop, good for small groups/pairs. A really enjoyable process and Bridget is a really easy going tutor, making for a really relaxing day. The lamps turn out better than you think they will. Lovely lunch too.' 

Next workshop with spaces Monday 16 March and Saturday 21 March still at £60 until April 
Teal coloured Lamp Shades